Monday, August 23, 2010

ECW's New Breed creamed The Originals like night, admit it?

For anyone who doubted that The New Breed would squash the The Originals in that match and beat them down like they were nothing, I've got one to thing to ask you,

';What do you think of the awesomeness of the New Breed now?';ECW's New Breed creamed The Originals like night, admit it?
It was a good match, but if you really look at it, the Originals are really a 3 man team, Sandman is useless. Dreamer isn't all that great either. RVD and Sabu can go extreme better than almost anybody, but even the New Breed has talent and 4 people with it.ECW's New Breed creamed The Originals like night, admit it?
they are cool
I can't believe the new breed won!
You do know that wrestling matches have predetermined outcomes, right?
I agree 100% the new breed is stack but I still enjoyed watching Sabu and RVD
they might have 1 last night, but i still think original is better.
i could care less who wins as long as its a good hardcore match i mean thats what ecws all about right
I like the originals more than the new breed.
i didnt care who won that match it was kickass

also they werent creamed the new breed got an *** beating and so did the originals but if anything i know the originals did the best in the ring

dreamer baseball sliding burk was freaking awesome

(~a little taboo*?*)Depending on your energy level on your wedding night, should you bring 'toys' and creams*~

I know wedding days are exhausting, but should you bring extra stuff to spice up the night, or just do the 'natural' things and go to sleep!??(~a little taboo*?*)Depending on your energy level on your wedding night, should you bring 'toys' and creams*~
Oh honey.... the whole point of a wedding night is to consamate the wedding.... and you both know it... go prepared... there's the rest of your life to sleep... wedding night sex only happens once in a marriage though!!(~a little taboo*?*)Depending on your energy level on your wedding night, should you bring 'toys' and creams*~
My wife and I were pretty calm on our wedding night, but got a little more ';active'; on our honeymoon. It's usually too late and you're too tired on your wedding night, (at least we were) to get too acrobatic on the wedding night!
Gee, on your first night together, I think the two of you can figure out what to do without accoutrement.
You can bit a girl scout and always be prepared but don't be disappointed if you don't use them. From what all my friends tell me they are almost too pooped to consumate the marriage on their wedding night depending on the intensity of the wedding and reception. Maybe this is why it's good to have weddings in the mid day.
travel light

if things get boring,

call room service

or, knock on the room next door for extra supplies
Go ahead and pack your toys. They will be there if you deceide you want to ';spice'; up the night. If you don't use them, no harm done. If you feel you may be to exhausted, pack a couple energy drinks. You only have one wedding night. Maybe you could check out a few new positions or Kama Sutra and suprise him. Have Fun!
I was a virgin my wedding night so we went natural and we were so tired anyways that we had a magical night and then went to sleep!!!

But if you have had sex with your fiance then I would say go for it. It would spice things up a little bit!!!
if you and your spouse are into that type of thing or just used them once in a while to spice things up then by all means take them along!!! on your wedding night you can always find the energy to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Save it. In fact, when the wife and I were married, we decided not to indulge on the first night.

I would hold off until you are certain your spouse won't get freaked out at this.
If you are a virgin on your wedding night, just let nature take its course and enjoy.

If you aren't, then what's the difference? A wedding night would just be any other night to a couple who have already been intimate. So let personal choice dictate what you do.
Whatever you're up for chica - remember your wedding night sex only happens once in a marriage so who cares if you're tired? All the work is over, all the people are gone, now it's time for you are your man to have some play time! Have fun!
Well lets assume your having a real all means bring stuff. Its probably more important to not attempt it the first night if you've partied like there is no tomorrow.........which is perfectly legit considering it is the most expensive party you will ever throw. I think its better to spend the entire next day making love......than to be disappointed in the performance....

Think of it this way.....who wouldn't go for a nice massage after a know your feet will be killing you, what if he started rubbing them.....little massage oil.....working up your calves....get the idea????? Have a blast, and congrats.
your wedding day is supposed to be special in all ways...but you've probably already shared some very intimate moments...relax on this evening after consumating the union with a bottle of wine and reflecting on the days events...there will be plenty more evenings to get wild with your new partner!
Whatever floats your boat.
Whatever you have the energy for ... than there's always the next morning ;-)
On our honeymoon we never went to sleep.......Enjoy it.....It will be a memory you will never want to forget..Good Luck
Hey nowadays anything goes. It really depends on you mood and his. The best way would be to talk about it beforehand. That way you can get an idea of what he likes and you can share with him what you like. Heck if anything you would both be happy because the best part of it is your both together and even if you only made love once then both fell asleep, as long as you both were happy that is really all that matters.
Why not do both? Have the first round as nature intended, then take a break. Have the wild sex in a second round with the added spice. There is no reason you can only have one round of sex on your wedding night. Trust me, your energy level will be fine :-)
Geez, maybe I'm old fashion............but I've always thought the ';wedding night'; was a night to consamate the marriage.

Why not bring the toys and creams out the following night or even later down the road when the two of you NEED the spiceing up!
Tacky tacky.Go natural this one night.Its supposed to be a special and beautiful night to remember not something where the groom is thinking how can i compete with a rabbit vibrator.
if you are both into that stuff, sure why not!

Anti-aging creams to use at night?

I'm 25, and lotionize my face, hands, and neck every night/day..looking for anti-aging/ wrinkle lotions/creams for night time use. I'm starting to see my first crows feet, and want to nip them in the bud. :)

thanks!!Anti-aging creams to use at night?

Looking no further, ';Revitol Complete'; is what you need. Take a look at the information below, and the best thing is you can try it for 90 days, risk free!

Finding an anti wrinkle solution that works for you is a long and tiring process. You're faced with offerings from hundreds of companies using a variety of unproven components that promise to leave your face as smooth as it was in your youth.

Most men and women want to look younger and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, and restore their skin to its younger days. As a result a great deal of creams and various other skin treatments have been created to solve this ever-present problem but few of these treatments are effective and safe.

Revitol combines the most effective anti aging skin care ingredients with a new revolutionary component in a blend that will really leave your skin feeling young and smooth. We Guarantee it!

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More importantly the continual use of Revitol Complete can gradually rejuvenate the tone and texture of your skin to leave you long lasting effects. If you're still not convinced, try it for 90 days, risk free! That's right Revitol Complete is covered by a 90 day no hassle guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason whatsoever then simply return your unopened bottles within 90 days for a refund. You even can get 2 FREE bottles when order now here at:鈥?/a>Anti-aging creams to use at night?
For a night cream, try retinol and a cream fortified with Vitamin C. For day - make sure your lotion has sunscreen. Wear sunglasses to avoid squinting, that can cause wrinkling, and also drink a lot of water to keep your skin properly hydrated.
  • lipgloss
  • Teens: do you use different creams in the day and at night?

    or do you use the same set of creams all day??Teens: do you use different creams in the day and at night?
    Usually the difference between night and day cream is the day cream has an SPF.Teens: do you use different creams in the day and at night?
    Yes, I use a really light moisturizer in the day with SPF (Aveeno or Olay). Basically just because I live in a sunny place to protect my skin and to keep down shine and clogging pores.

    In the night I use a Nivea or Palmer's facial cream. And Retin-A every other day.

    You can just as easily use the same thing all day though.
    Many teens don't use moisturizer at all and that is totally a mistake! During the day you want to use something that has SPF, and at night of course that's not necessary. Many creams are formulated for both day and night wear.
    not anymore. one day i had an allergic reaction for using 3 different creams. now that i have learned my lesson-i only use one.

    that's not the case with everyone of course..i have very sensitive skin
    i use a different one during the day because it has a sunblock in it and it moisturizes my face at the same time and the one at night keeps my face from drying up
    I don't need creams. After the 8th grade, my face clear completely.
    yes if i'm going outside i used sunscreen

    in the night i used a high vitamin one
    The same, for me.. And somewhere on tv I heard that you should use the same cream, so it will actually work...but that was for acne.
    i use no creams..
    i use shaving cream o_o
    I don't even wear cream...

    Useful to put 2 or 3 night or day creams?

    I read about and I know people who use 3 day creams and 3 night creams everyday and everynight at the same time, can it be useful? to put 2 or 3 night or day creams?
    I don't think by being too 'greedy' by stuffing up the skin pores like this would do any good; the skin can't breathe properly, thus clogged it and it won't work well for your skin either. Sometimes (you never know) that different creams with clashed ingredients would cause rashes and irritates your skin; more so if it's on a sensitive skin. If you really want to try all at the same time, I would suggest try each different cream every week, so that you can see the wonders each cream can do to your skin. ;) Good luck and stay pretty!Useful to put 2 or 3 night or day creams?
    I think putting it on once is enough id prefer a night cream that way it works while you sleep and putting it on too many times is like they are trying to hide something
    Just make sure you wash your face properly twice a day, and moisturize it afterwards. Don't spend so much time on how you look that you forget to have fun.

    I have atopic dermatitis on my lips past 3 months it is oozing at nights, coticostriod creams did not help!?

    My lips are inflamed cracked sore and oozing, I have allergies to antibiotics. If anyone went through and got healed please help me heal this condition.I have atopic dermatitis on my lips past 3 months it is oozing at nights, coticostriod creams did not help!?
    I suggest trying the herbal remedies from

    I used ointment and spray on my patches and now I just take anti-eczema extract to prevent flare-ups. My skin has been clear for 8 months!

    I was playing smeer the queer last night and got creamed...i bit mt lip and like put a hole in it :)?

    what do you think i should do for it?

    it hurts a lil bit






    what do i do with the dang thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?I was playing smeer the queer last night and got creamed...i bit mt lip and like put a hole in it :)?
    since you got smeared.....does that make you a queer?I was playing smeer the queer last night and got creamed...i bit mt lip and like put a hole in it :)?
    as long as it doesnt need stitches ...nothing